David Singer is the president of Warehouse of Fixtures TNG, one of the region's largest new and refurbished office furniture companies.  Warehouse of Fixtures has a comprehensive office furniture recycling program that significantly extends the life of office furnishings thereby avoiding waste.  Born and raised in University City, David MICDS before attending Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.  During his college years, he spent a year studying in Israel learning about sustainable farming and solar energy generation.  In 2004, after graduating from Brandeis, David restarted his family’s new and used furniture business, Warehouse of Fixtures, with his mother Joanne Singer and good friend Dan Lohman.  Warehouse of Fixtures ships their products to environmentally conscious corporations nationwide.
David is a member of the St. Louis Chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization, a member and past president of the MAC Toastmasters Club, and a board member of the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition.  In his free time, enjoys hiking with his wife, Danielle, and dogs, Argos and Kassie.    

David was elected by the membership of Univerdant to be the president of the organization for the 2013 fiscal year.  He succeeds Nick Hennen as president of the organization.  Nick will remain on the board per the organization's operating agreement throughout 2013 as well.  

David has strong operational management skills and the membership is looking forward to his contribution to launching Univerdant into a fully funded, full service organization.   He has already made major contributions to the group by being one of the principal authors of the groups organizational documents operational plan.  

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Although this chat is relatively old, it was interesting to read ...


Nice to meet you David! Hope your people never doubt in the rightness of their choice.


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