As part of the inaugural launch of Univerdant as a formal organization, members elected its first slate of officers, a board of directors and initiated an advisory board.  The officers of the organization are:
  • President, David Singer, Warehouse of Fixtures
  • Vice President, Randy Niederer, Unico System
  • Treasurer, John McClain, The Productivity Team
  • Immediate Past President, Nick Hennen, Exergonix, Inc.

The member of the board of directors include the following members:
  • Anthony Arnold, Missouri S&T
  • Jim Curran, Electrical Connection
  • Chase Green, H & H Lighting
  • David Kenyon, Syntropy Building System
  • Chris Kerckhoff, EDM, Inc.

The board of directors has resolved to establish an advisory board and appointed its first member, Jason Archer, Director of Business Development for the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

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